[View the story "Guide To Appealing NJ Property Taxes" on Storify]In February, New Jersey homeowners should have received their tax assessments for 2018 (a white card which additionally sets forth the amount of taxes paid in 2017 and suggests that any kind of appeal has to be filed by no later than April 1, 2018). It is important to keep in mind th… Read More

In 1964, his recording of the song "Hello there Dolly" went to number one. An album of a similar title was promptly created within the music, and likewise shot to number 1 (knocking The Beatles off the best from the chart).Armstrong was arrested on December 31, 1912 for firing a .38 revolver while in the air. He had absent to sing about the streets… Read More

Have you ever daydreamed that you might one of these days retire in the Caribbean? What is keeping you back from making a move to a tropical island? I bet for quite a few of you the main factor holding you back is your worry that it would cost far too much. Am I right?If that is what is holding you back from getting away from frigid winters and ver… Read More

Should we have jacks in all car trunks? Wherever does this mentality that we must look forward to the police to unravel all violent troubles? Law enforcement fill out write-up action reports. Similar to this shooting for the church, they crammed out a submit-action report.I feel Jesus is saying that Despite the fact that Everybody will experience p… Read More